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Dog Ear Top Cedar Fence Styles

A classic design for privacy and security. This “Dog Ear Top” Fence styles are all about functionality and simplicity. Because of this, the Hawthorne is the most affordable fencing option when you want functionality but don’t need all the flair.

St. Helens

Flat Top Cedar Fence Styles

The St. Helens style cedar fence provides full privacy at the most affordable price. When you just need a new fence and don’t need all the fancy trim work, the St. Helens will get the job done!


Top Cedar Fence Styles

The Flat Top cedar fence styles are a great way to take the traditional Dog Ear top fence and give it just a little more style.  The top cap is constructed of tight knot cedar and is accompanied by a small piece of cedar fascia to cover the picket tops. This small upgrade adds huge curb appeal to your front or back yard and provides a bit of protection to the picket tops below.


Good Neighbor Cedar Fence Styles

When you have to share, the legendary Good Neighbor style is hard to beat! The benefit of this style is it looks identical front and back.


Horizontal Cedar Fence Styles

For a more modern feel and maximum curb appeal, it’s hard to beat the horizontal cedar fence look. There are many options with this build from picket spacing to picket width.


Overlap Cedar Fence Styles

Add texture and absolute privacy by overlapping each cedar picket. A top cap and fascia finish off the clean lines on this build.


Lattice top

Full privacy where it matters with a semi-private top offers a clean and classic look. The lattice can be installed diamond shape or square for a different look.

Gates &  Post 



Most of our gates are built to match the style of fence chosen but can be constructed differently depending on customer preference. The Pacific Northwest is an extremely wet climate where pressure-treated gate posts and wood frames just won’t work. They may look good at the time of installation, but will eventually twist, warp, rot and fail. That’s why Fence Butler only offers steel gate posts, steel gate frames, and hardware that stands the test of time for the climate we live in. Nobody wants a gate that doesn’t function, so we won’t build you one. Our gates are backed by our Lifetime Warranty so if you ever have any problems with your gate sagging, all you have to do is call us and we will correct any issues.

Pressure-treated posts vs galvanized

steel posts:

For years, pressure-treated posts were the only choice for installing a new cedar fence. They do work… kind of. These posts rot at the base where dirt meets the air creating a perfect environment for decay to set in. Think of the pressure-treated coating as the shell of an egg. It does provide some protection on the outer surface, but it’s thin and fragile. Once that coating is broken or rotted, the remaining wood post goes fast (we’ve seen these deteriorate in as little as 3-5 years after install). Not to mention the post is wood which means even if it doesn’t rot, it will twist, warp, expand, shrink, crack, etc… The solution? A galvanized steel post called a Postmaster.

Postmasters are designed to be a forever post. Meaning you pay for the hard part of fencing only once (digging holes, setting the posts in concrete) and never have to pay for that portion again. Ever.

Galvanized steel resists corrosion, has a much higher wind load rating, and believe it or not doesn’t cost much more than the traditional pressure-treated post.

Don’t worry about the way it looks. We cover both sides of the post with a cedar picket to hide it from your view and your neighbor’s.

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