How much does a cedar fence cost?


Well… It depends. Sorry. No quick answer here. There are too many variables at play to be able to provide an exact cost. Some of those variables include:

  • Project Access
  • Terrain-specific challenges (slope, rocks, retaining walls, etc.)
  • Vegetation growth (any trimming needed to install the new fence?)
  • Fencing style (there are a lot to choose from)
  • Gates (different sizes and types)
  • Post type (like pressure-treated posts vs galvanized steel posts).
  • Quality of cedar (typically there are 3 different grades offered).

Without knowing all the details, it is very difficult to provide a price per linear foot. There are two ways to get an accurate quote on what it will cost to build or replace your fence:

  • Gather as many details about your fencing project as possible and give us a call. One of our specialists will listen to your fencing needs, ask, and answer questions and plug your project information into our fencing pricing tool. From there, we should be able to provide you with an accurate quote right over the phone. This should take approx. 5 minutes to complete.
  • Schedule a site visit with one of our estimators to review and survey your fence project with you. Just give us a call and our customer service representative will find a convenient time for you to meet with an estimator for free! This is the most accurate way possible to provide you with a quote.


You most likely clicked on this page to get an idea of what your cedar fence will cost. I’ll share with you a basic price range if you understand that costs are constantly changing and evolving with the market and every project has its own special details that could cause price fluctuation. Basically, don’t shoot the messenger, okay?


Let’s use a basic fence replacement project as an example:


Project details for this fence replacement are as follows:

  • Linear feet of cedar fencing: 161 LF
  • Fence Height: 6ft
  • New cedar type: #2 OB Western Red Cedar
  • New Post type: Galvanized steel Postmaster set 2ft deep in concrete.
  • Single swing Person Gates: QTY (2) @ 4ft wide and 6ft tall. 2.5”x2.5” Galv. Steel gate posts. Lockable latch.

Here is what we would charge this customer for this project as of September 2022:

Fence Style (price varies depending on fence style installed): See an example of each fence style

The pricing above includes (2) gates that match the style of fencing.